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Online team workshop

Training on how to translate IT technical data into a clear and compelling rationale for resource allocation

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The problem

A team of program managers at a data-collecting company needed to improve their monthly and weekly client reports aimed at representatives of the audiovisual and entertainment industry. Their reports were direct and detail-oriented but lacked creativity and intuitiveness necessary to communicate effectively. The goal was to inspire the team to present data more creatively and to make high-level insights accessible to non-data analysts.


A 2-hour online workshop was designed, focusing on visual hierarchy, data storytelling, and the selection of appropriate charts. The workshop used their own data for practical examples and tailored visualizations to suit various contexts and reporting goals. Additional training on Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) was included to streamline processes and maintain standardized reporting across the team.

The value provided

Practical application

Provided in-house examples using the team's own datasets, showcasing multiple tailored visualizations for different contexts and goals.

Bigger picture

Encouraged the team to adopt a bird's-eye view when preparing their reports to obtain high-level insights, enhancing their ability to communicate strategically relevant results to their clients.

Increased efficiency

Shared tips and video tutorials on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to automate processes, saving time without compromising communication effectiveness.

Immediate impact

Attendees quickly implemented the lessons, resulting in time savings and improved workflow efficiency, with some creating additional tools for company-wide optimization.

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Emily Horgan, media and streaming consultant

I was impressed with how quickly she picked up the nuances of what was a new industry for her. She added huge value to the projects we worked on both in terms of data visualization and written communication.


In addition to this, she was an all-round pleasure to work with. Between her skillset and her approach, I’m very grateful to have her in my rolodex for projects going forward.

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