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Leveraging my PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology and Master in Psychobiology, I can translate complex technical information into accessible content for a broader audience. This will enhance your credibility and strengthen your message, making your communication efforts more impactful and trustworthy.

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Reference search on biomedical databases

Scientific articles published

Don't know if you need it?

Suboptimal research and fact-checking can lead to:

Low brand credibility

To ensure the accuracy and credibility of your projects (web, app, book, social media content), you will need a comprehensive list of solid evidence from reputable sources to become an authority in your field.

Uninformed decisions

Before investing resources into a new project, you need to understand the specific field and anticipate potential roadblocks. If you get a full report on that topic, wouldn't everything be much easier? 

Unverified products

Do you need to prove the efficacy of your product with scientific evidence? Let's impress your audience and upgrade your value proposition with science-backed claims.

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