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Individual dataviz training

Training on how to translate IT technical data into a clear and compelling rationale for resource allocation

The problem

A team manager at a large IT corporation needed to learn how to present data for HR's budget approval, emphasizing the urgent need for additional staff due to the current team not being able to prioritize long-term solutions over daily tasks.


The goal was to teach this person how to transform complex technical data into a clear, concise, and persuasive presentation that could be easily understood by HR managers and senior executives. We focused our meetings on asking the right questions for relevant data collection and describing the basics of visual hierarchy.

The value provided

Key questioning

The client now understands what questions to ask to determine the most relevant data to gather, avoiding information overload and focusing on critical insights.

Chart selection

He learned how to identify the best visual formats for presenting specific types of information, and to strategically select the data collection parameters accordingly.

Strategic emphasis

The basics of visual hierarchy were covered, enabling him to guide the reader's attention through insights seamlessly and convincingly.

Effective outcome

Ultimately, this newfound skillset led to the creation of a highly effective budget justification slide that impressed his superiors and facilitated the approval process.

Adrian profile pic.jpeg

Adrian Chrostowski, Database Engineering Team Leader @ Meta w Crystal Equation Corporation

Paloma helped me understand how important it is to visualize the data in a correct way to both impress the audience as well as convey what my message is.

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