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Brand visibility +100

Polish startup: from limited online presence to voice in female reproductive health

The problem

A Polish startup specializing in female intimate products aimed to establish itself as a trusted authority in female reproductive health and increase organic traffic to its website.


The client's goals included creating engaging content, enhancing their marketing and pitching strategies, and building a robust online presence that resonated with their target audience.

The value provided

Authority building

Wrote multiple blog posts summarizing peer-reviewed scientific articles and translating complex information into accessible, engaging content.

We ensured the content adhered to the company's tone of voice and target audience preferences.

Data visualizations

Created informative data visualizations to support blog content and product development.

Analyzed market research survey results and developed a comprehensive dashboard to visualize the findings.

Strategic approach

Designed a social media content strategy book, including content mockups, brand visual identity, and platform KPIs.


This document was aligned with the company's growth goals and a social media expert was consulted to refine the strategy.

Brand visibility

Increased traffic website from organic searches, and +2,000 followers on social media.


Designed visual content for social media and printed marketing materials, e.g. a poster on mood changes during the menstrual cycle.


Joanna Michalak, founder at Ready

During my professional cooperation with Paloma, I was initially impressed with her outstanding scientific knowledge regarding healthcare-related works and the ability to convey that knowledge in an easily understandable and attractive way.


She has excellent multitasking ability, being able to quickly prioritize information and data. She moves efficiently in the software environment and bravely tests new solutions. She demonstrates all of the special abilities of an efficient data analyst.


It is a pleasure to work with Paloma as a co-worker but also as a person because she brings a lot of passion, dedication, friendly atmosphere and is trustworthy in every way.

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