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Startup emergency: from technical & visual overload to investor-ready presentation

The problem

A startup producing bicycle cleaning stations required a 180° transformation of their product pitch in one day. Initially, the presentation featured an overwhelming neon green background, excessive text, and technical details that were hard to grasp.


The goal was to create a visually appealing, clear, and compelling pitch that could capture investors' interest. Since the startup had gathered already very interesting data, we also wanted to highlight their work with intuitive data visualizations.

The value provided

Cohesive design

Redesigned the presentation to look much more modern, using the neon green brand color to enhance visual appeal and focus.

Simple data visuals

Created clear and concise data visualizations, replacing text-heavy bullet points with intuitive charts.

Strategic emphasis

Emphasized eco-friendly features from a cost-cutting business perspective, rather than focusing on the technicalities that make them possible.

Team visibility

Giving more prominence to the team members and highlighting their expertise and passion is a great tool to build credibility and trust with potential investors.

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