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Pitch Decks & Reports

Whether pitching a startup idea to investors, sending an offer presentation to potential clients, or sharing a detailed report, we will strategize the content structure, layout, and information to maximize impact.


With expertise in creating visually engaging templates and data visualizations, your message will be clear, professional, and aligned with your brand's identity.

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Slide deck templates

Interactive reports

Don't know if you need it?

Suboptimal presentations and reports can lead to:

Low conversion rate

Your basic Canva template is not enough to stand out during a pitch session? Investors don't seem to understand how amazing your business idea is? Do you present your offer with a simple email and your leads never get back to you?

Missing insights

Do you need to monitor many metrics at a glance? Cyclical reporting of business activities doesn't need to be time-consuming and exhausting, it can be achieved with interactive, user-friendly visualizations, combining all data in one place.

Ineffective communication

Do you data dump your clients with all-text reports on a regular basis? Do you usually get very little engagement during your presentations and Q&A? Do people still ask you what your business is dedicated to, no matter how many times you pitch it?

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