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SEO agency: from TLDR emails to a professional and flexible presentation

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The problem

This SEO agency was struggling with the appearance of their all-text email pitches sent to warm leads, which made their services look disorganized and difficult to read. They needed a more polished and efficient way to present their offers, which are always customized for each client.


Together, we decided to create a visually appealing, brand-consistent template slide deck with interactive elements and reusable Excel charts, ensuring a professional look and streamlined process for the agency.

The value provided

Branded visuals

We gave personality to their offer by designing the layout to mimic Google search result pages, aligning with the agency's field of expertise.


We created 11 reusable Excel chart templates with the most commonly used data from SEO analytics for easy integration, minimizing manual work.


We added interactive buttons and navigation panels for a seamless PDF experience, providing additional information via internal and external URLs.


Lacking their own website, we included a FAQ, About, and Case Study sections to build credibility and provide clients with as much information as possible. 


Piotr Szpakiewicz, founder at Starling Digital

Paloma has a remarkable talent for explaining complicated concepts through clear and effective data visualization. She created a self-explanatory deck for me, and the entire process went incredibly smoothly.


Paloma brought a wealth of creative ideas on how to showcase our SEO offer from multiple angles, ensuring that the information was both comprehensive and engaging. Her understanding of marketing and sales is exceptional, which greatly contributed to the success of our task.


Communication with Paloma was seamless, and she demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise throughout our collaboration. If you're looking for someone who can turn complex data into compelling visual stories, Paloma is the person you need. Working with her was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend her services.

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