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About The Data Dove

The Data Dove's mission is to make data communication intuitive, impactful, and accessible to all, ensuring your insights are not only understood but remembered

Core values

Who is behind                         ?

Making complex data accessible and engaging has become one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career. The ability to feel empathy and connecting with the audience has always driven my approach to communicate information.


My passion for understanding human behaviour took me into a journey of academic research and analyses of large surveys.


Throughout the years, I have witnessed brilliant minds across all industries struggle with conveying their ideas. I also realized the unique value of being able to blend scientific rigor and storytelling.


This is how The Data Dove was born, to bridge the gap between technical expertise and effective communication.

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Asturias (Spain) is my place of birth

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Warsaw (Poland) is my place of residence

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Paloma means Dove in Spanish 

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