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Previous work

From data collection and analysis to compelling and professional-looking presentations, complex information made easy has helped businesses across many industries

Offer glow-up

Designing a flexible offer deck for warm leads of an SEO agency that personalizes every pitch

Feedback-driven changes

Optimizing event organization by designing and analysing feedback surveys 

Brand visibility +100

Creating science-backed content for the Marketing Strategy of a startup to build their authority

Team workshop

Improving reporting efficiency at a company by training project managers on data storytelling


Reviewing an investor pitch for a startup producing bicycle cleaning stations

Modernized database

Digital transformation of a 20-year old business with intuitive and automated tools

Science reaches investors

Reviewing scientific articles and translating them into accesible information to non-experts

New visualization skills

Helping a team manager achieve his budget goal by presenting the right data in the right way

It's their opinion, not mine


Paloma has a remarkable talent for explaining complicated concepts through clear and effective data visualization. She created a self-explanatory deck for me, and the entire process went incredibly smoothly. Paloma brought a wealth of creative ideas on how to showcase our SEO offer from multiple angles, ensuring that the information was both comprehensive and engaging. 

Piotr Szpakiewicz, founder at Starling Digital

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